• Our cloud platform
    Monitor anything, anywhere, anytime
  • Farm Monitoring System
    Have an overview of your farm
    Ensure your animal's health
    Receive trends and prediction on food supply
  • Smart Waste Management System
    Real time monitoring of container levels
    Warnings, trends and predictions based on historical data
    Reduce C02 emissions and environmental pollution
    Optimized routes and work schedules for efficient waste collection

Turn-Key solutions

When purchasing our product you get fully working solution right out of the box; configuration and hassle free.


Our solution goes through rigorous testing and is used in a multitude of applications of different nature.


We work in close collaboration with several companies to provide our customers always the most up-to-date technologies.


We leverage the best cloud technologies to make our system accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, in the most efficient way.

What Makes Our Product Unique

  • Smallest device on the market
  • Fit any use case, even the most space constrained application
  • Modular design: can easily integrate with any sensor
  • Power efficient: runs 2+ year on a single battery
  • Environmental friendly: use solar energy to spare batteries
  • Self-sustained and self-healing
  • Remotely customizable behavior and parameters
  • Works anywhere in the world
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Latest Products

Farm Monitoring System

Silos and Tanks at your fingertips. Access to history, intelligent predictions and automated warnings wherever you are.

Smart Waste Management System

Enhance waste management and productivity while cutting costs and reducing pollution.

Remote Tracking and Sensing Solution

Remote Tracker that makes no object too far to track.

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